[aprssig] APRS RFID apps?

Rudy Benner benner at vianet.ca
Wed Feb 10 08:18:50 CST 2010

Wow. This is wonderful.

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> APRS RFID Hot Spots!
> PROBLEM SOLVED!   I was pondering how we would possibly cover all the big 
> doors at Dayton with APRS RFID readers and then it hit me.  We Don't have 
> to cover the whole door.  And we only need one tiny coil...
> We just put it in a 1 squarefoot bright yellow MAT with APRS in red 
> written on it.  It is an APRS hot spot.  If you want to be seen at that 
> location, swing your foot over the spot... DONE!!!!
> What we were overlooking is that APRS hams are not passive players, they 
> are active participants and will be happy to swing their foot over a known 
> hot spot (or avoid it if they are not where they are supposed to be).
> This solvles ALL the logistics problems I can think of.  The big 
> breakthrough was Patrick suggesting we put the cards in our shoe, now this 
> final breakthrough solves the range and coverage problem completely.
> As to applications, I can think of nothing on earth better than Dayton. 
> The naysayers will say but what value is it...  And I say, because its fun 
> to do!
> APRS Hot SPots at Dayton...  Those people with APRS booths could put one 
> in front of their table... etc..  Or at entrances to the Forums... or 
> anywhere that APRS people might congregate...
> Bob, WB4APR
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>>Now that we realize we can make APRS track anyone with a $2 credit card 
>>RFID in his boot, I have been wearing this credit card in my shoe for a 
>>week and can't even tell it is there any longer (after the first hour or 
>>But what for?  I had some sample ideas, and figured once we figured out 
>>how to do it, an avalanche of other applications would pop up...  But 
>>after a week or so, I'm making little progress.  Here are the only apps I 
>>have come up with:
>>1) At clubhouse door
>>2) at EOC door (city, county and state)
>>3) At local HAM store
>>4) At Dayton doors in each room
>>5) Just for fun with a mat in front of your fleamarket space to see who 
>>walks by?
>>Of local ham events, I also don't see an immediate app.  The hams dont 
>>move much.  The event participants do.  And they are either in the 
>>thousands (runs) or out of reach... (or already have RFID (MARATHONS).
>>Although a few of the dedicated volunteers that show up at all EOC tests 
>>might consider it, I cant see getting more than a yawn from the rest of a 
>>Any other knock-em-dead apps I'm missing?
>>Bob, WB4APR
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