[aprssig] Current Digi/IGate Best Practices?

Rich Osman lists at n1oz.net
Mon Feb 15 13:09:44 CST 2010


I'm trying to figure out the current best practices for digis and igates
and not having a lot of luck after an hour of searching on line.  Most
of what I'm seeing is clearly dated and an awful lot is flat wrong based
on my dated information - that is I have more recent knowledge than the
pages present and I haven't been active in APRS for several years. 

Background:  I'm working temporarily in San Antonio.  It seems that they
just lost the last local igate and there are several substantial
coverage holes because of the few remaining digi locations and local

One of the local clubs has access to a site and the technical
wherewithal to operate and maintain a good system, but no one is really
APRS-active. Still, they'd like to use their resources to do a public
service. They aren't inclined to go off willy-nilly so I'm trying to
research best practice.  At the same time they are trying to talk to the
the other prominent digi operators in the area to  achieve a modicum of
coordination. As with anything hobby related (amateur radio and
otherwise) there's a good deal or strong opinion.  Some of it is even

The problem is exacerbated by the proximity of Austin and San Antonio
and the population density between them. It'd be easy to add a digi to
the mix and make things a lot worse without improving much.

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