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[aprssig] CHART Traffic Data Testing

rfinesmith at aol.com rfinesmith at aol.com
Sat Feb 13 21:20:34 UTC 2010

I've am testing a traffic data server for Maryland that queries the Maryland CHART web site and sends traffic and highway status packets over APRS, such as lane closures and road work.  I apologize for the extra QRM on APRS in that area while I test.  When I get it working correctly it will refresh this data hourly, but send new listings and kill objects (for deleted events) every 5 minutes.  I will also implement a query capability that will send traffic events within some radius of the querying station.  

I have been using the "yellow triangle with exclamation mark" symbol for road events/incidents  If that is not the appropriate symbol to use for these events, please let me know and I can change that easily.

I have found several other states and cities that provide capabilities similar to Maryland CHART, and even Great Britian has such a query capability for the entire country at one site, so I am open to sharing this software once it is beta-test ready.  

Rob, AA3NJ

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