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[aprssig] Clarification on Wide 1 digi characteristic please

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Sun Feb 28 01:13:11 UTC 2010

Actually, I believe you did figure it out.  Everything you stated is 
correct, even to the point of the WIDE1*,WIDE2* even though most of the 
time you'll never actually see a packet presented that way.  Only the 
right-most * (means used) matters.  Digis will only look beyond the last 
used hop when making decisions.  The WIDE1,WIDE2* packet has been 
completely used up and will not be digi'd any more.  In point of fact, 
you really don't want it to be digi'd any more because that would 
unnecessarily fill the channel without much gain.

May I ask why you can't hear the WIDE2?  What's your callsign so we can 
eyeball the area we're talking about.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

Michael Singewald wrote:
> I am in an area that cannot receive a Wide 2 digi, however, a Wide 1 
> digi is.  My question is, if a user's packet is picked up by only 
> another Wide 1 digi, then repeated by a Wide 2 digi that my local Wide 
> 1 digi hears, will my local Wide 1 digi repeat that packet?
> The original packet would be sent via Wide 1-1, Wide 2-1, so the first 
> Wide 1 digi would send the packet as Wide 1*, Wide 2-1, right?
> If so, does that mean that the Wide 2 digi would send it as Wide 1*, 
> Wide 2* and therefore that packet would not get repeated by and other 
> Wide 1 digi's?
> I have read a bit at the aprs.org <http://aprs.org> site, but I 
> couldn't figure this one out.  Thanks for any help.
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