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Yasme Excellence Awards


January 4, 2010

Winners ? Yasme Excellence Awards

On January 8, 2008, The Directors of The Yasme Foundation announced  
the establishment of the Yasme Excellence Awards. The Directors stated  
that these awards would be given from time to time as the board feels  
appropriate. These awards are given for service and dedication to  
amateur radio as recognized by the foundation?s Directors. Awards were  
later announced for the year 2007. No awards were given for 2008. The  
Yasme Foundation Board of Directors is now pleased to announce the  
latest winners of the Yasme Excellence Awards.

The Awards for 2009 have been given to the following amateurs --

Jamie Dupree, NS3T ? For his creation of the Radiosport Web site  
(http://www.radio-sport.net/). This takes contest reporting into a new  
genre - the sports reporter. Jamie also created the Radio-Sport.Net  
World Rankings database that has been used by many contesters around  
the world. Radiosport.net is an important new forum for Amateur Radio  

Bob Bruninga, WB4APR ? For the invention of APRS and the continuing  
enhancement of its capabilities. Recently, Bob has expanded the  
messaging ability of the system to allow sending information in  
support of emcomm and other activities. Since APRS doesn?t require the  
complexity of other systems, such as Winlink, APRS is a valuable  
addition to the amateur's tool kit. Bob is a tireless, personal  
promoter and publicizer of amateur radio.

George Wallner, AA7JV and Tomi Pekarik HA7RY (award divided equally) ?  
In 2009, George and Tomi completed DXpeditions to Mellish Reef, VK9GMW  
and the Chesterfield Islands, TX3A. These expeditions represent a  
somewhat unique and refreshing approach to DXpeditioning. They show  
that a small group can exchange time for equipment and mega-funds and  
come out ahead. By focusing on fewer bands for a longer period, they  
have been able to log more unique calls from smaller stations. This  
brings more operators into the HF DX environment and encourages other  
expeditions to adopt these useful tactics.

Don Hill, AA5AU - Don has been a leader in RTTY contesting for many  
years. His persistent efforts have finally borne fruit as in recent  
years, RTTY/Digital contesting has grown at the fastest rate of any  
contest activity. His Web page (http://aa5au.com/rtty.html) is the  
first stop for all RTTY contesters, and he is well-known as the "RTTY  
Elmer" in digital contesting circles.

Tursoon-Zadeh, EY8MM - Nodir has been a beacon from Central Asia on  
Topband as well as 6-Meters. Not only technically and operationally  
skilled, Nodir has worked to establish a QSL Bureau for Tajikistan and  
is the Vice President of the Amateur Radio Society of Tajikistan.

Rich Strand, KL7RA - Rich was the driving force behind the highly  
successful W1AW/KL7 and KL5O operations, both of which highlighted a  
resurgence in Alaskan contesting and DX activity over the past couple  
of years. Rich works hard to promote operating standards and educate  
the new contest and DX operators about good operating practices. This  
is resulting in more Alaskan HF operation which also encourages  
beginning DXers elsewhere in North America.

For additional information about the Yasme Foundation, visit our Web  
site at www.yasme.org. On behalf of The Yasme Foundation,  
congratulations to the 2009 winners!

Wayne A. Mills, N7NG, President
The Yasme Foundation

Directors -- K3ZO, N7NG, N0AX, OH2BH, W6BSY, W6RGG, W6SZN

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