[aprssig] WB4APR - 2009 Yasme Excellence Award Winner

Clay Melhorn n9io at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 5 12:07:08 CST 2010

Congrats to Bob and all of you across the globe involved in aprs advancement.

What an honor to be recognized by the Yasme Foundation

I too am constantly amazed at the dedication you all have to this mode I have come to love and enjoy so much.

Programmers rule!

Clay Melhorn N9IO Bonfield, IL
KARS - Kankakee Area Radio Society - W9AZ http://www.w9az.com/
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> Subject: [aprssig] WB4APR - 2009 Yasme Excellence Award Winner
> Yasme Excellence Awards
> http://www.yasme.org/2010-01-04.html
> January 4, 2010
> Winners ? Yasme Excellence Awards
> On January 8, 2008, The Directors of The Yasme Foundation announced 
> the establishment of the Yasme Excellence Awards. The Directors stated 
> that these awards would be given from time to time as the board feels 
> appropriate. These awards are given for service and dedication to 
> amateur radio as recognized by the foundation?s Directors. Awards were 
> later announced for the year 2007. No awards were given for 2008. The 
> Yasme Foundation Board of Directors is now pleased to announce the 
> latest winners of the Yasme Excellence Awards.
> The Awards for 2009 have been given to the following amateurs --
> Jamie Dupree, NS3T ? For his creation of the Radiosport Web site 
> (http://www.radio-sport.net/). This takes contest reporting into a new 
> genre - the sports reporter. Jamie also created the Radio-Sport.Net 
> World Rankings database that has been used by many contesters around 
> the world. Radiosport.net is an important new forum for Amateur Radio 
> operation.
> Bob Bruninga, WB4APR ? For the invention of APRS and the continuing 
> enhancement of its capabilities. Recently, Bob has expanded the 
> messaging ability of the system to allow sending information in 
> support of emcomm and other activities. Since APRS doesn?t require the 
> complexity of other systems, such as Winlink, APRS is a valuable 
> addition to the amateur's tool kit. Bob is a tireless, personal 
> promoter and publicizer of amateur radio.
> George Wallner, AA7JV and Tomi Pekarik HA7RY (award divided equally) ? 
> In 2009, George and Tomi completed DXpeditions to Mellish Reef, VK9GMW 
> and the Chesterfield Islands, TX3A. These expeditions represent a 
> somewhat unique and refreshing approach to DXpeditioning. They show 
> that a small group can exchange time for equipment and mega-funds and 
> come out ahead. By focusing on fewer bands for a longer period, they 
> have been able to log more unique calls from smaller stations. This 
> brings more operators into the HF DX environment and encourages other 
> expeditions to adopt these useful tactics.
> Don Hill, AA5AU - Don has been a leader in RTTY contesting for many 
> years. His persistent efforts have finally borne fruit as in recent 
> years, RTTY/Digital contesting has grown at the fastest rate of any 
> contest activity. His Web page (http://aa5au.com/rtty.html) is the 
> first stop for all RTTY contesters, and he is well-known as the "RTTY 
> Elmer" in digital contesting circles.
> Tursoon-Zadeh, EY8MM - Nodir has been a beacon from Central Asia on 
> Topband as well as 6-Meters. Not only technically and operationally 
> skilled, Nodir has worked to establish a QSL Bureau for Tajikistan and 
> is the Vice President of the Amateur Radio Society of Tajikistan.
> Rich Strand, KL7RA - Rich was the driving force behind the highly 
> successful W1AW/KL7 and KL5O operations, both of which highlighted a 
> resurgence in Alaskan contesting and DX activity over the past couple 
> of years. Rich works hard to promote operating standards and educate 
> the new contest and DX operators about good operating practices. This 
> is resulting in more Alaskan HF operation which also encourages 
> beginning DXers elsewhere in North America.
> For additional information about the Yasme Foundation, visit our Web 
> site at www.yasme.org. On behalf of The Yasme Foundation, 
> congratulations to the 2009 winners!
> Wayne A. Mills, N7NG, President
> The Yasme Foundation
> Directors -- K3ZO, N7NG, N0AX, OH2BH, W6BSY, W6RGG, W6SZN
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