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[aprssig] Windows 7 Upgrade

Chuck Gooden Chuck.Gooden at comcast.net
Fri Jan 1 08:21:01 UTC 2010

I am currently upgrading my PC to Windows 7 and I was wondering about 
what APRS software will work with Windows 7

I am also interested in comments on compatbility for Memory Control 
Software for the Kenwood TH-D700A that is compatible with Windows 7.  
The software on the Kenwood website has not been updated since 2001.  
Any any recommendations on good logging software that also functions on 
Windows 7.

I skipped a few of the windows OS version so this will be a major 
upgrade for me.  Already have the hardware, now I just need the software 
and the pains of installing and configuring it all.

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