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[aprssig] APRS and VOIP and CQSRVR

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Jan 2 15:08:36 UTC 2010

I think I have an idea to make VOIP such as Echolink and IRLP and WIRES contacts more  useful to APRS.  My goal since 2001 was to merge APRS as a global signalling system for setting up callsign-to-callsign voice communications.  See: 
www.aprs.org/avrs.html  where AVRS is my acronym for Automatic Voice Relay SYsem. 

The idea was that you send a message to the person you want to call, with your VOIP (such as Echolink) number and he responds with his, then you QSY to the local node freq and make the call.  Of couse this could all be automatic requiring nothing more than a callsign since we now have the radios that can QSY to the local Echolink or IRLP node freq with a simple press of the TUNE button. 

Anyway, but this only works for call-to-call chats.  It does not work for random QSO's.  But here we can use Pete's CQSRVR!  If you are out mobile and monitoring your local VOIP node (Echolink or IRLP) why not send a global CQ for anyone else so inclined.  I suggest a message of the form: 

CQ AVRS on 147.075 Maryland EL#236562 

Having sent my CQ message, the CQSRVR now forwards any other similar CQ AVRS message from anyone else on the planet and so we can see who wants to chat, and what freq and what node number.  If we are in local range, call the freq, If anywhere else, call on the node number.  Done! 

Now that my local repeater has a full time Echolink node, and since I no longer use this quiet repeater for family comms with the kids for Dad's taxi )they are off at college now), I can now use it to do occasional echolink contacts on a long commute.. 

ANyway, using Pete's CQSRVR makes this all possible. 
So try it.  We need to get good at this stuff, because my dream remains for SOMEONE to fully automate global VOIP on amateur radio by callsign alone.  See the web page above. 

Send message to "AVRS" 
First word is callsign 
AVRS engine looks up your nearest VOIP node 
AVRS engine looks up his nearest VOIP node 
AVRS engine sends you both a QSY frequency message 
AVRS engine connects you both to your respective repeater 
Your APRS radio receives the QSY message and tunes to the node 
You are now connected.   

Bob, WB4APR 

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