[aprssig] Echolink/IRLP CQ's on APRS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jan 11 09:06:16 CST 2010

Last week I had propsed using a "CQ AVRS" message via the global
CQSRVR as a way of making a cq for Echolink/IRLP contacts.

Bur using the "CQ CQ" group for your echolink or IRLP CQ is
better than what I proposed last week of using "CQ AVRS" which
might be too hard to remmeber.  I will change all my docs to
point to CQ CQ instead.

So, if you are mobile and monitoring your local Echolink/IRLP
node and want to be available for calls, just send a message to

CQ CQ Bob EL#236562 on 147.075 

See www.aprs.org/cqsrvr.html

I am ebmarassed to say that checking FINDU today, I can see that
a few people have tried this, but APRS coverage along my commute
(and my mobile installation) are poor enough that I have never
seen any of the emails I now see on FINDU)....

Anyway, I'm gonna change over toe CQ CQ now.


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