[aprssig] Fillin digi experiment

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Sun Jan 17 16:18:59 CST 2010

Pentti Gronlund wrote:
> PS. We have been experimenting with these "vicious digipeaters" in
> secrecy for a while, and they work well. You just have to set up the
> digis to avoid transmitting over one another in your whole network :)

Assuming you can control the "whole network".  The concept probably 
falls apart when someone drives through with a WIDE1 digi enabled, or 
worse, flys over with an airborne WIDE1 digi.  And then there's the time 
that someone moved into the area that knew how APRS was supposed to work 
but wasn't in the "inner circle" of the local network.

While I might agree that simultaneous transmissions don't work in the 
real world, unless all digis are identical installations, I have more 
problems with delayed digis.  We've got enough issues showing up in some 
areas when KPC-3+/KISS/UI-View combinations decide to start delaying 
packets by 2-4 minutes...

I know I can tell the difference in response between a KPC-3+ doing digi 
directly vs my TT4/KISS/javAPRSsrvr doing digi.  Even though there's no 
purposely introduced delays, the KPC-3+ always gets its transmission out 
before javAPRSsrvr turns around on my end.  Then the TT4 waits politely 
for the KPC-3+ transmission to end and digis itself anyway.

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