[aprssig] Fillin digi experiment

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jan 19 11:54:38 CST 2010

>> PS. We have been experimenting with these 
>> "vicious digipeaters" in secrecy for a while, 
>> and they work well.

I still don't understand how "works well" (for the overall
network) can be determined?

Further, by definition, these vicious digipeaters are completely
based on the concept of "not heard" packets.  And BY DEFINITION,
the lack of decoding a packet CANNOT provide ANY information
about whether the packet existed elsewhere and the lack of
hearing it HERE was due to a collision HERE.

Until someone can present a verifyiable legitimate thorough
analysis of how these things can be of overall benefit to the
regional APRS network, I still think they are a bad idea.
Except in the extreme case of detailed set-up and design for RF
imbalance where one can establish that RF collisions DO NOT
OCCUR on their input is the only case where they can work.  But
RF inbalance takes extreme care and must be forever managed.

> You just have to set up the digis to avoid 
> transmitting over one another in your whole 
> network :)

Which is impossible to do when one cannot "hear" colliding
packets from other balanced RF systems.

My 2 dollars worth.

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