[aprssig] Replacement for UI-View any one

Amateur Radio WB8NUT duffy at wb8nut.com
Fri Jan 22 08:41:25 CST 2010

 From what I could see, the information on that site about the various 
APRS programs is out of date.

There are a number of good Windows based APRS programs out there, it's 
just that their authors have abandoned them. I wish when they give up 
their development or interest that they make their code open source so 
that others can pick it up and run with it. That's why I have not used 
UIView in years. I was one of its very early adopters and promoters, and 
unlike others, am highly ticked off at what Roger did before he died. 
Such a waste. I can understand his bitterness though, but it would have 
been nice if he would have made the source public so others could keep 
UIV going long into the future. Please not trying to start a flame war 
and I am sure there are others who will defend Roger's actions, but it's 
my opinion. I think what he did was wrong.

AGWTracker had some possibilities, but instead of finishing the work, 
George wrote yet another APRS program for Windows Mobile. I wish he 
would finish what he started and committed to.

WinAPRS was a very good program, but seems to be abandoned.

APRSPoint has promise, but releases are slow to come out and feed it too 
much data in a few days period, and it crashes.

APRS-SCS gave up pretty early in that development, but as I recall, he 
did make the source public. Don't know if anyone else is continuing that 
program. I bought a license because he said he was going to add support 
for AGWPE, but I don't think he ever did.

So that's really the attraction of Xastir. It's open source, if the 
current developers give up and lose interest, hopefully someone else 
will fill in and keep it going. At least there is hope. As for 
everything else that is Windows based, when the developers lose 
interest, we end up as orphans.

It would be nice if there was some kind of code of ethics with 
developers of ANY amateur radio software. You promise that if you ever 
want to stop development, pass-away, give-up, etc., that you will make 
the source code open source and make the generation of the code 
necessary to use your program public. I don't mind paying for programs, 
but I would like some guarantee that I can still continue to use it in 
the future. I have paid for licenses for WinAPRS, AGWTracker, APRS-SCS, 
MixW, AGWPE-Pro, APRSPoint, UISS, WinTNC, and multiple donations to Ham 
Radio Deluxe. Not a big investment, but an investment none the less.



Curt, WE7U wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Jan 2010, Phillip wrote:
>>       Ok I am not looking for a fight here , but reality is that we are
>> going to need a WINDOZE APRS program along the lines of
>> UI-View with some improvements  sooner than later !!!
>> Is there any-one out there working on something similar and if so I 
>> would be
>> interested in hearing from you off list is fine ..
> As I find out about them, programs along with a list of their
> capabilities show up here:
> http://www.eskimo.com/~archer/aprs_capabilities.html
> There are other pages that show which are the most used,
> capabilities of trackers, etc.  Go to the ~archer page for those
> links.
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