[aprssig] Replacement for UI-View any one

Tim N9PUZ tim.n9puz at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 10:31:58 CST 2010

Amateur Radio WB8NUT wrote:

> So that's really the attraction of Xastir. It's open source,
> if the current developers give up and lose interest, hopefully
> someone else will fill in and keep it going. At least there is
> hope. As for everything else that is Windows based, when the
> developers lose interest, we end up as orphans.

I have not used Xastir but it is encouraging that it continually gets 
high marks. It would be nice if it were developed or migrated to 
toolsets like those used by the FLDIGI digital modes software. The 
windowing tools and libraries used allow both Linux and Windows 
versions to be built from the same sources. You can choose the 
operating system that best meshes with the rest of your kit.

73 -- Tim N9PUZ

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