[aprssig] Group Message Codes

NPD Service ve9nps at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 08:03:35 CST 2010

There is a growing group of APRS users here in the Maritime Provinces of
Canada. As such we have opened a Google Group to provide a forum for us to
communicate, similar to this.

In so doing, users have now started playing with Group Messaging.  In Nova
Scotia, the Digis are all programmed with "NS" as a group code.  In New
Brunswick they are set up with "NB" and in Prince Edward Island, "PE".

My question is, is there a standardized allocation of these groups codes
each State, Province, Territory around the world / in North America, etc?

We have included NS in the local I-Gate here in Halifax so that it will gate
messages from IP to RF for NS.  We are concerned that if there is another
region using "NS" that it might start spewing out traffic for another NS

73 Pete  VE1PS / VE9NPS
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