[aprssig] Group Message Codes

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Sat Jan 23 17:16:17 CST 2010

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> Another way to handle group messaging is via AA5PL's CQSRVR. Everyone 
> that wants to participate can send a CQ NS message to the CQSRVR and 
> will stay on the list for 24 h ours...

My only reservation with CQSRVR as a group messaging solution is that it 
is more of a group notification solution given the time limits between 
allowed transmissions from any single source.

When I first learned of the group messaging feature (having missed it in 
my first 10 readings of aprs101.pdf), I was intrigued enough to put it 
on my ToDo list for APRSISCE.  It's going to occur at the same time that 
I beef up my messaging support including the streamlined acks.

I wonder if javAPRSSrvr's callsign prefix gating feature applies to 
message destinations as well as packet sources?

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Possibly wanting this feature in the near future on 
my own IGate

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