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[aprssig] Replacement for UI-View any one

Randy Love rlove31 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 14:08:07 UTC 2010

On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 8:32 AM, John Fritze <fritzejohn at gmail.com> wrote:
> I know hams are notoriously "thifty" but you've really got to look at
> Depiction.  This just blows away anything else out there right now.
> Especially for EMCOMM purposes.  The writers have just added real time APRS
> via radio modem, and are planning easier texting, etc.  Origenally it would
> only gather APRS station off the web.

I have heard about and seen various information on Depiction. But it
was intended more for emergency managers and incident commanders than
day to day APRS usage. If I recall correctly, APRS was added as an
afterthought, meaning that it's main purpose is and will always be
something other than APRS. As such, I don't think that it will ever
have full adherence to the APRS spec, which is already a problem in
some current clients due to the focus on APRS as a tracking solution
instead of a full tactical solution. If Depiction makes a commitment
to full adherence to the APRS spec, with on-host map support, then it
may very well be a good Windows replacement for UI-View32. If I'm
wrong, then I will stand corrected.

> This program gathers info from many different sources and makes overlays on
> maps for things like real time routing of stations around flooded areas,
> land slides, etc.  You can also input points of interest such as hospitals,
> fire departments, schools, etc.  It can actually make predictions regarding
> an emergency situation and display the danger zone on the map.

All of the above can be handled in UI-View by the addition/creation of
add-ons. Points of interest and static locations can be distributed to
the group via posit or overlay files. Any real time data not handled
by an add-on is meant to be controlled/maintained by a net control or
APRS control operator. Automated objects, as evidenced by the CO-Op Wx
network and Firenet, can quickly clutter a channel/display and make
things overwhelming or just plain display non-relevant information.

> It is not cheap, BUT if you look around on the site,  there are discounts
> for hams.

Hams don't want to spend over $50 for an extra battery for their HT,
and to the majority of hams out there, that would be more important in
an EMCOMM event than APRS software. If Depiction made a version for
APRS specific purposes, that was fully APRS spec compliant, and was
under $50, then they might get a following in the ham community. Until
then, Depiction is a piece of Emergency Management software that they
will petition their EMA/HSD to purchase for use in an EOC environment.
I'm not sure what the discount is, but the base price of $199 + $19.95
for the APRS add-on is more than the cost of an FT-60 5W dual-band HT!
Just curious, what is the current discount price on Depiction for

> Anyway here's the URL:  http://www.depiction.com/

Been there already, and although their intent is good, their intent is
NOT to make an APRS client. It looks like a wonderful EM planning and
status tool. Sorry, just calling it how I see it. Please don't take

> John
> K2QY

Thanks John. There's absolutely nothing wrong with beating the drum
for something you like or believe in. I do that alot myself,
especially in regards to just getting APRS used during events and for
more than just tracking of cars.


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