[aprssig] [APRS] RS-232 GPS, a dying breed. Next steps?

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The Garmin GPS 72H is pretty low cost ($131.56 at amazon) and has RS-232 I/O in addition to USB.  It's technically a marine handheld.  Unlike the Colorado / Dakota / Oregon line, it doesn't require a special converter cable for RS-232.  It was just released last year.

-Jerome, W0JRT

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Sorry, I originally posted this on the Yahoo Group list and not the TAPR mailing list.  
Several folks responded to my email below, I thank you for the info.  Unfortunately the units like the Garmin Colorado or Oregon are too expensive for us to get.  Some other options noted were not handheld hiking GPS receivers, what I'm looking for is a handheld unit with display.  I was really looking for something similar to the eTrex series, which can be found under $200.  The GPSmap60 may be the closest, in both price and function, to what I'm looking for.
So I guess my concern is the dearth of *low-cost* display handheld GPSs with RS-232 data out.  
My thought is that perhaps other than the marine community, the need for serial connectivity on GPS receivers, as opposed to USB, is going away, except for the very small niche of APRS trackers.  And what might other economical options be at that time?
Thank you for the input, 

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