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[aprssig] Group Message Codes

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Jan 23 22:08:12 UTC 2010

> In so doing, users have now started playing with
> Group Messaging.  In Nova Scotia, the Digis are all
> programmed with "NS" as a group code.  In New
> Brunswick they are set up with "NB" and in Prince
> Edward Island, "PE".

Maybe I'm having a senior moment, but Digi's do not have anything to do with group message codes.  APRS "Message groups" are just aliases that your own station will trap as if it was a message to you.  Messages can only get to you from local RF since the IGate does not know what your groups are... Thought on the APRS-IS, I guess you can get them from anywhere...

> We have included NS in the local I-Gate 
> here in Halifax so that it will gate 
> messages from IP to RF for NS.

Oh, I see, a blanket forwarding to RF of all messages addressed to "NS"..?

> We are concerned that if there is another
> region using "NS" that it might start spewing out
> traffic for another NS region.

Rightly so...

Another way to handle group messaging is via AA5PL's CQSRVR.  Everyone that wants to participate can send a CQ NS message to the CQSRVR and will stay on the list for 24 h ours...


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