[aprssig] 18 Wheeler APRS pix?

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Tue Jan 26 11:59:40 CST 2010

Bob Poortinga wrote:
> Bob Bruninga WB4APR writes:
>>  might be able to get a short article into a Trucker periodical
>> for ham truckers...
> You should seriously consider the consequences of this before you
> submit it.  Do we really want hundreds, if not thousands, of "good
> buddies" running APRS?  If history is any indication, there will
> result in 18-wheelers running kilowatt APRS stations with beacon rates
> of 10 secs and paths of 'WIDE7-7,WIDE7-7'.  I know of a few truckers
> who are hams and they run by the rules, but they will be in the
> minority if APRS catches on with the majority of regular truckers.
> The result will be constant QRM on 144.390 and single digit decode
> rates.

At least the over-the-road truckers won't stay in any one area for too 
long.  It'd be like a series of high altitude balloons low-flying 
through an area at random intervals.  It could bring complete 
unpredictability to the local scene, especially when they discover that 
they can be a mobile digi!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

PS.  Remember, you can see daily and 2-week cumulative APRS usage plots 
for North America at:

http://ldeffenb.dnsalias.net.nyud.net/Tracking/Act24/*  (Trailing * 



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