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[aprssig] Groups

NPD Service ve9nps at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 14:20:36 UTC 2010

First off, thank you for the replies. Very much appreciated.

I have been educated on the matter thanks to your replies.

The basis of my question is/was -

Are there established groups initials such as NS / PE / NB associated  
to provinces, states, etc.

What I learned is that I misunderstood the purpose of "NS" in the digi  
programming. I thought it needed to be there to allow it to pass a MSG  
to NS, et al. I now realize what it's purpose is (NSn-N).

To some other suggestions, it would be nice to see a revision to  

On another string's comments about rs-232 capable GPS units, I  
recently noticed the Garmin GPS-18PC is no longer available. GPS  
Central has advised me that this technology is going the way of the  
Dodo Bird and the it won't be long until serial capable GPS units will  
be very difficult to access.

Finally, any comments on the new Yaesu APRS mobile?

73 and thanks to all.

Pete VE1PS



N. Peter D. Service

Sent from my iPod

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