[aprssig] An amusing aside (Text Pagers)

Erik Finskas lakki at iki.fi
Thu Jan 28 08:19:49 CST 2010

Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> How about converting Alpha numeric pagers into APRS receivers
> for 
>> receiving messages!!
> I agree.  This is a huge vast opportunity due to the bazillions
> of surplus text pagers on the market that have been completely
> abandoned due to cellphones and ipods, etc.
> But we just have not yet seen any ham with the knowledge, talent
> and time to figure out how to develop this.  If someone can
> figure them out, then it would be trivial to interface them to
> the global APRS network. 
> They shouldn't cost more that say $5 each...
> Anyone?
> Bob, WB4APR

There is the potential, yes. But first obstacle is to dig into the 
demodulator of the pagers and make them receive and understand AX.25 
AFSK. There are Flex, ERMES, pocsag and more data transmission standards 
which the pagers listen to currently..

There are quite many software/PIC/AVR based POCSAG encoders out there to 
create a separate paging network. There is one already in Germany on 
UHF, I believe.


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