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[aprssig] 18 Wheeler APRS pix?

Armour, Randy (ITS) Randy.Armour at nashville.gov
Wed Jan 27 05:18:01 UTC 2010

I am not a trucker, nor do I know a single person in the trucking
industry.  I am, however, disappointed to read that the opinion of some
of the most knowledgeable people on this list seems to be that because
someone chooses enter any specific profession that they are predisposed
to be a "bad" operator.  Implying that embracing the "CB Mentality" that
all truckers must have will somehow destroy APRS as we now know it
reminds me of the debate about how removing Morse code exam requirements
would destroy the integrity of amateur radio.  

I also agree with WB4APR's comment about reaching out to every possible
participant.  If amateur radio becomes so exclusive that only a small
number of people participate, there is a long line of folks that want
valuable spectrum.  Discouraging "hundreds, if not thousands" of
potential "good buddies" that can be "good operators" seems

Most people have an initial interest in APRS which is sparked by the
novelty of vehicle tracking, perhaps by a visit to an APRS-IS website
like FINDU.  So, "Gee Whiz -- FREE AVL" attracts many people to APRS.
WB4APR is constantly reminding us all that the original intent of APRS
is locally significant information. Truck drivers will rely on timely
access to this local information more so than most of us who have a
short commute and limited time to engage in amateur radio activities.
It seems to me that APRS is very suitable for people who spend many
hours on the road, constantly changing what is "local" to them.

I don't believe that the sorted history of 11 meter operation 30 years
ago will dictate the path of anyone wishing to participate in this hobby

Randy - KI4LMR  

>You should seriously consider the consequences of this before you
>submit it.  Do we really want hundreds, if not thousands, of "good
>buddies" running APRS?  If history is any indication, there will
>result in 18-wheelers running kilowatt APRS stations with beacon rates
>of 10 secs and paths of 'WIDE7-7,WIDE7-7'.  I know of a few truckers
>who are hams and they run by the rules, but they will be in the
>minority if APRS catches on with the majority of regular truckers.
>The result will be constant QRM on 144.390 and single digit decode

>I've got my flameproof undies on, so flame away.

>73 de
>Bob Poortinga  K9SQL
>Bloomington, IN  US

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