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[aprssig] An amusing aside (Text Pagers)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jan 29 21:11:58 UTC 2010

>> I wonder if this could be added to the 
>> IRLP or Echolink setups.  They have the 
>> DTMF hardware and similar software already in 
>> place.  There are lots of Echolink addons already - 
>> http://www.echoaddons.com/
>> maybe that would be a good starting place.

I have been trying for a few years to get Echoloink author to
add DTMF callsign decoding (with then a copy sent over to the
APRS-IS each time somone checks in using it)..  No joy.

I have also been asking to cross-connect Echolink CHAT mode with
APRS messaging too, since then when I am listening to an
Echolink Conference net, I can send an APRS text message to the
Net control via his CHAT window on Echolink.  No joy on that
request either.

I am frustrated because these are trivial additions that could
seamlessly crossconnect info between these two very powerful ham
radio systems!

Bob, Wb4APR

> A similar existing tool for IRLP - 
> http://genema.org/proj/autoresponder.shtml

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