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[aprssig] [OT] RE: APRS experiment along I-40, mapping vs. voice alert vs. local info

Dave Baxter dave at uk-ar.co.uk
Wed Jul 14 12:55:12 UTC 2010

Alex, Wow!..

I'm amazed you took a truck for that journey that by the sounds of
things was not even roadworthy!   Hire or otherwise, surely it should be
fit and safe for use.

If that was me, I'd have taken one of the hire people for a short jaunt
round the block, on the grounds that if all OK, I'd take it.  If not,
they'd experience the same problems.

Heck, here in the past, I've done that, and *Made* them put a decent
(ie, legal) set of tyres on the truck I was going to drive.

Guess you had no choice of hire company or vehicle.  Seriously, if you
had to swerve to miss some errant drunk, hit a bump and lost control of
the thing, hit, injured (or worse) someone else, who's fault, and who
gets the sharp end of the lawyers? 

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