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[aprssig] Some post are hard to read via Web

Alex Carver kf4lvz at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 14 18:25:38 UTC 2010

> From: Max Harper
> Subject: [aprssig] Some post are hard to read via Web
> To: aprssig at tapr.org
> Message-ID: <106346.40013.qm at web111401.mail.gq1.yahoo.com>
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
> For those of us that prefer to read the APRSSIG via the WEB
> interface, here
> http://www.tapr.org/pipermail/aprssig/
> some post can be very hard to read when I have to scroll
> left and right such as in the below link.
> Now I'm not picking on the poster because this happens all
> the. Either the Web software needs
> to be changed or posters need to hit the Enter / Return key
> a little more often. Even with my 22
> inch monitor the post below is 5 times wider than my
> display is. Or is it just me?
> http://www.tapr.org/pipermail/aprssig/2010-July/033763.html
> Thanks, Max

I wrote the post with Yahoo Mail's interface.  Adding a new line at the end of every sentence would make the resulting text extremely narrow.  Their editor window is only 60 characters wide.  The normal line wrap should occur at 72-75 for an 80 column with terminal or it should autowrap.

As pointed out, the flaw is in the interface which could be modified to properly detect and rewrap text according to the interface being used.


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