[aprssig] AT Golden Packet Report

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jul 26 09:54:09 CDT 2010

Several teams report successful long haul APRS text messaging
along the Appalachians during yesterday's annual Golden Packet
event.  APRS -not- on the national channel was used.  See

APRS Text Messaging Comms were good from Springer Mountain in
GA, though Clingman's Dome in the Smokies to Roan Mountain NC.
Like last year, the Comer's rock site near Wythville VA was not

Then starting again on Apple Orchard Mountain near Roanoke VA,
going north through the station on White Rock Cliffs on the
VA/WV line and through the Maryland Mountain station, links were
solid to GD Hill in SE PA.  From there north, apparently, none
of the new-england mountains were manned this year.

LESSONS LEARNED!  Don't carry 52 AH worth of batteries up the
mountain, when the D700 digi/voice rig can operate just fine for
4 hours on only 3 AH at medium power!

Also don't carry a laptop and all those batteries, when you can
do all the messaging from the radio front panel.  PLAN ON 105F
temperature/humidity going up, and then Thunderstorms, hail and
wind while up there. 

We didn't carry the table and chair this year and will be even
further trimmed down next year.  Our plan will be: 

D700 DIGI and UHF simplex coordination voice
APRS HT for 144.39 all-site comms using CQSRVR messaging
DUAL BAND HT for local coordination/monitoring local repeater
DUAL BAND HT for monitoring repeater of next station N and S

The HT's ran all day on their own batteries and I think a good 4
AH battery will do for the digi if only the 4 hours are active.
All this will easily fit in a single day pack.

For next year, we need a committed team in SW VA and other teams
throughout the Northeast sites north of PA to Maine.  The
Pacific team didn't have time to fully prepare and are starting
planning for next year's attempt along the pacific mountains.

My site was www.aprs.org/hamtrails/GD-hill.html
Other reports still coming in.


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