[aprssig] VX8GR

Tom Kinahan tom.kinahan at verizon.net
Mon Jul 26 20:00:42 CDT 2010

  I was lucky enough to get out over the weekend and pick up a Yaesu VX8GR, which is not only dual 
band, but includes a built in GPS for APRS use. This is not the quad band unit with optional GPS 

  I'd like to compare notes with anyone else that has one.

  It seems to work well, in dual band mode, and  in tracker mode with the other VFO doing normal 
voice at the same time.

  Some questions:

1) The GPS seems to take about 15-20 minutes to lock in clear sky.  Does anyone else see this, or 
have any suggestions to speed it up?
2) Has anyone bought the serial cable (or made one, I think it's straight RS232) to access the 
device? Is there a way to access the TNC only for other modes like Winlink (doing KISS)?


  -Tom Kinahan N1CPE

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