[aprssig] VX8GR

Phil N6TCT phil_aprssig at lapsley.org
Tue Jul 27 09:19:21 CDT 2010

Question for you VX-8GR jockeys: a friend recently purchased one and was
having some trouble getting it all dialed in. He writes:

"So I figured out how to have both channels at the same time. You can
only transmit on one at a time, but can monitor both. Each channel has
independent volume and APRS broadcasting. Functionally how this works is
you have channel B on volume 0 and broadcasting APRS, and channel A not
broadcasting but monitoring on full volume. When you want to talk, flip
back to channel A (and no APRS during the conversation)."

Does this match your experience? It seems kind of clunky. I'd expect (or
at least want) to set channel B up for APRS and have it do its beaconing
and rx *all the time* but leave the radio on channel A so I could talk
to people. If it really doesn't transmit APRS when you switch to channel
A, I can easily imagine forgetting to switch back to B and thus falling
off the aprs net ...

Thanks for any insights you can provide!

Phil, N6TCT

Tom Kinahan wrote:
>  I was lucky enough to get out over the weekend and pick up a Yaesu
> VX8GR,[...]

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