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[aprssig] Aprs and Repeater Controllers

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jul 16 19:07:17 UTC 2010

> ... connecting an Aprs program to a repeater controller?
> ... if we had a list of calls that we wanted to know 
> when they came close to a certain point, and when they 
> did, have that call announced on the local VHF repeater.

That is just what APRStt is supposed to do. Speak informaiton
about APRS on the APRStt DTMF/Voice channel.  There was even a
QUERY command so you could identify which calls you wanted
> There is probably a better way of interfacing Aprs to voice 
> repeaters, but this method would be automatic and with a 
> creative macro the voice repeater could say: " VE3ABC is Aprs
> In my area Vhf repeaters and Aprs are worlds apart.

Ken, these are great idea, and is why I have wanted APRStt so
much all these years.  Since I wrote the original APRStt back in
2000 (under DOS), there have been three starts at doing a
windows version, but none have been completed..  We hope that
Doug KA2UPW's that was demonstrated at Dayton this year might be
seen soon...



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