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On Tuesday 27 July 2010 05:48:51 Dave Baxter wrote:
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> > I had a bear of a time setting a digipath for WIDE1-2, WIDE2-2.
> Wide1-2 as the first "destination" ??
> Dave G0WBX.

My bad!  I was setting a new setting of WIDE1-1, WIDE2-2.  It's all in the details!

Now, to do this, the user has to fiddle with the radio's keys and the channel knob.

If someone is making a manual for this radio, use what ever format you use for each step.  I'm using tabs here, but that may not work for you.  Please edit to remove any of my omissions/errors!

NOTE TO USERS.  There are two menu setting screens--MAIN MENU and APRS MENU.
Make sure that you select the correct menu page!

Turn on the backlight for poor lighting conditions if needed;
	Use the MAIN MENU (from the FREQUENCY/CHANNEL screen) and
	select MENU #41 LAMP;
	Press MENU to save entry;
	Press PTT to return to main screen (exit menu screen)
Change this back to desired lamp time when done accessing menu settings.

Manually adding digipaths on the VX8GR HT

Say we wish to add the digi path of WIDE1-1, WIDE2-2

Switch to GPS screen using the MENU key (displays GPS data);
	Push and hold the MENU key to enter APRS menu settings screen;
	Select MENU #16 "DIGI PATH";
	Select path #4 by rotating channel knob (for this test);
						<P4(2)  1  ------------->
						<          2  ------------->

At this point, you will use the "BAND" and "MODE" keys to move left or right:
	Press the "MODE" key once and the cursor will hover over the FIRST digi
	path entry;
						<P4(2)  1  ------------->

	Press the "MODE" key again to hover over the digi path & SSID;
						<P4(2)  1  ------------->

	Now use the keys to type your digi name (example WIDE1-1);  WIDE1
						<P4(2)  1  WIDE1    >

<This is where you have to use the channel knob to select the hop count after the SSID digit>
	Press the "MODE" key TWICE to hover over the HOP count area;
						<P4(2)  1  WIDE1    >
	Turn the CHANNEL knob to enter the actual hop number (-1, -2, -3 etc)
	The maximum count appears to be fifteen hops (-15).
	Select one hop;  "-1"
	Press the "MODE" key once more to return cursor back to beginning of
	of the entry;
The screen now looks like this             \/
							<P4(2)  1  WIDE1 -1>
						  	<           2  ---------    >

	Press the "MODE" key again to hover over our digi path entry (still on 1);
							<P4(2)  1  WIDE1 -1>
						  	<           2  ---------    >

	Now turn the channel knob to switch to 2 (second path entry);
							<P4(2)  2  ----------->

	Press the "MODE" key to the path name area;
							<P4(2)  2  ----------->

	Type in the next digi (WIDE2) using the keys;  WIDE2
	Press the "MODE" key twice to hover over the hop count area;
	Turn channel knob to select the hop count (2 hops)    "-2"
	Press the "MODE" key once which will complete the entry:
							<P4(2)  1  WIDE1 -1>
						  	<          2  WIDE2 -2>

	Press the MENU key to save entry;
	Press the PTT button to return to main GPS screen.

	Move cursor over the path area;
	Press and hold the HM/RV key.

Toggle the main screen back to FREQUENCY/CHANNEL screen and then enter the MENU to change #41 LAMP back to original setting.

I hope this helps others who have the VX-8GR radios.

jaye, ke6sls

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