[aprssig] Update: New AGWTracker Look and Feel Beta Release

(SV2AGW)George Rossopoulos sv2agw at raag.org
Wed Jul 28 12:33:29 CDT 2010


I changed compiler and decided to change also AGWTracker feel and look. It
is for Vista and Win7. It may work on WinXP SP3.
Have a look 

This is a Beta version and may have bugs(a Lot!!!)
To test it PSE do the follow
1.Run AGWTracker you have installed now and change Language to English.
2.Download the beta version from www.sv2agw.com/beta/AGWTracker.exe
3.Drop the executable into Documents directory
4.Run it from there.

PSE report the bugs in details.

If you wish to translate AGWTracker to your language PSE read this
www.agwtracker.com/trkinternational.htm Translators get free registrations
for all my programs Packet Engine Pro AGWTracker, AGWDxCluster etc.


(SV2AGW) George Rossopoulos
Mysirli 39
54250 Thessaloniki

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