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Wed Jul 28 18:05:12 CDT 2010

I'll start preps for the NWAPRS Summer Gathering which is a little more than
a month away.

If you are planning to attend this year's events, held over the Sept 11th
weekend at Valley Camp, east of Seattle off of I-90, then please start by
informing Thom Proehl of your intentions (day tripper, RV, camping, need
bunk space, etc) at email k7fzo at arrl.net.

Next, email me, or to the group, what you'd like to see or do this year,
either something new, or repeat of previous year's gatherings. If there has
been something special that keeps bringing you back, let me, or us, know
about it.

August will likely go by just as quick as July has flown by, so don't delay,
get that keyboard out and dusted off and reply sent.

For those affiliated with other ham radio groups or organizations, please
advertise our event at your next meeting, or get a note into your next
newsletter. There's room at Valley Camp for many more, day trippers or
weekend stayers. Even if you don't want to participate or sit in on any of
the talks, we'd like to see you and share an opportunity to visit with you,
so come on out!

As usual, I'll be cooking up the pancake and whatever breakfast on Saturday
and Sunday mornings, and we'll have time to share lunch and dinner with the
bbq's stoked.

Valley Camp, in North Bend, WA is a great place to visit even if it's not
the NWAPRS Summer Gathering, so if you can't make it out the weekend after
Labor Day, then do plan to stop in for a visit or overnight stay. You WILL
enjoy it, and Thom and Tina are great hosts.

Did I mention the pancake breakfast? Oh yeah!

Hope to hear from y'all real soon.

FMI http://www.nwaprs.info and http://www.valleycamp.org

I forget anything, Thom?

David K7GPS
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