[aprssig] Beacon or ID without Position?

Adi Linden adil at adis.on.ca
Thu Jul 29 00:13:44 CDT 2010

Is is possible to beacon or ID without position information?

The background on this, I have a FM-350 and a VX-8GR. Where I live APRS coverage is far from continuous. So I am often in places where the mobile can reach some distant digi, but the HT cannot. The FTM-350 does not have any digi function built-in. In order for the HT to be able to digi via the mobile I attached a TNC-X/X-Digi to the FTM-350R. 

X-Digi is only turned on when the digi function is actually required. It is configured as a WIDE1-1 fill-in. I choose a SSID different from the FTM-350 SSID. I am thinking that having identical SSID could mess up messaging (if I ever get it to work) when X-Digi is turned on. 

Is there a requirement for the digi to beacon at all? The FTM-350 already beacons at least every 30 minutes with proper position information. But does the digi call also have to be broadcast every 30 minutes? If it does, I have no mens to input or update the digi config and proper beacon coordinates while I am on the road. Is there some beacon information I can enter that does not require position information?


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