[aprssig] VX8GR

Tom Kinahan tom.kinahan at verizon.net
Thu Jul 29 08:16:56 CDT 2010

Thanks guys, for all of the pointers on the VX8GR.

1) I've found that shutting off the GPS before powering down helps to get a speedier GPS lock on 
power up and GPS turn on, even  though it needs more interaction. Can anyone else confirm?

2) You can adjust B band audio levels, Shut off APRS packet braaps in the APRS menu, but in this 
mode you still do hear the beeps indicating beacons/messages received. You also still hear your own 
packet transmissions in this mode. You won't hear voice in this mode. There is no noise with a 
collision that I've heard or read about. I don't read this mode as supporting voice alert. Volume 
also controls the beep volume.

 >What then is heard on the B band?
 >- nothing?
 >- voice if it is made
 >- noise whenever there is a colliion...
 >- or NOTHING EVER as long as that menu is set.
 >- Or does this mean APRS Voice Alert?

3) I'm finding again what I learned back in the days of my Paccom Tiny2 tracker that a 5W 
transmitter (especially with rubber duck) isn't enough to reach any digipeaters in this area with 
summer bloom on and the hills here. I've got to be pretty close to any of the digipeaters to get 
anything repeated in this topography, not that it's mountainous at all. Nearby mountains would be a 
benefit in this case.

4) I hear/see  lots of beacons, but can't reach the digipeaters, most of the time. Only when I 
engineer the path through a local home station am I successful - and that's no good outside of the 

-Tom Kinahan N1CPE

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