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Thu Jul 29 11:38:53 CDT 2010

I can test it against a couple of my digi's this weekend. Unfortunately I have 
to take a day off to work on the third one in Fredericksburg. I have to make 
some tweaks to Clarke Mountain & Mastin Corner digis this weekend. I will be 
able to see how they looks on the D700 as well as through xastir and some of the 
online web sites. 

I will let you know. 

Mike K4MQF

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> The PHG was 5 characters instead of the 4 that 
> I have been use to seeing.  The last digit 
> appears to be the number of beacons per hour. 
> When was this done ? 

Probably back in 2001 or so.  It's an optional field, but I am
not sure how well all the different applications handle it.  The
extra digit goes where the delimiter used to go.  SO the
question is whether all the applications then know where to find
the beginning of the TEXT that follows.

Might be worth testing on all the different applications.
Especially all the hard coded radios, D7, D700, D710, VX8R,
VX8DR, VX8G, and FTM350.  After they decode the PHG data, do
they begin the display of text with the extra digit, or after
the next delimiter.  They are supposed to ignore a beginning
space, but I'm not sure if they do that either..


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