[aprssig] ic-2100h mic cable

DALE wa7ixk at embarqmail.com
Thu Jul 29 20:17:48 CDT 2010

Cat 5 cable does not have shielded mike wire. This is needed in many cases.
Cat 5 cable has 4 signal wired and 4 gnd wires. They are a twisted pair for common node noise rejection. For most microphones the gnd wires are not properly paired
to the proper signal wire. And each brand of radio uses a different wiring scheme.
The mike has a separate gnd wire, the ptt has a separate ground wire, each other circuit has a separate gnd wire. They are common at the radio, but floating on the other end.
If you do not want to have problems use the factory cable.
I use short lengths of cat 5 at times.

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Hi Gang:

Is there a trick to making a cable for this radio?  I had a cat5 cable here I 
used, but I am getting flaky mic connection.  Is a yeasu specific connector 
required for these rigs?

Thanks, 73

jaye, ke6sls


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