[aprssig] APRX kiss escape command?

Jaye Inabnit ke6sls ke6sls at arrl.net
Thu Jul 29 21:38:41 CDT 2010

Hi all:

I have APRX running very well now here in Eureka.  One problem I have is 
finding a discussion list for aprx--I don't find it in the manual, nore do I 
know how to contact the main hacker-in-charge of the software.

Anyway, I'm using an old PK-12 TNC and the escape code is three control c's 
sent to the device.  I would love to have my config script send these to the 
TNC on exit so I can then use the TNC in normal packet mode for testing.

Any help greatly needed!

TU, 73

jaye, ke6sls

How much does free cost?  
How much is free worth?

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