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[aprssig] APRS Messaging

Adi Linden adil at adis.on.ca
Thu Jul 29 15:56:13 UTC 2010

I much appreciate all the replies. I did not know whether or not APRS-IS servers maintained a last heard list or not. It is good to know that they do so, otherwise most messaging would not work, I suppose. How long is that last heard list maintained? My APRS radios fall back to beacon every 30 minutes when they are not moving. So that would not necessarily be reliable in keeping the station in the last heard list, especially in areas where not necessarily every packet makes it into the next iGate. Perhaps 10 minutes between beacon for an idle (not moving) station would be more appropriate?

As to my particular iGate, it has been setup in 2003 or so and been touched very little. Over the past few days I added local objects. It is running aprsd and digi_ned. Where aprsd is the iGate and digi_ned is the digi software. I will be upgrading hardware and switch to javaprssrvr some time in September. I run a single PC for voice repeater controller, IRLP and APRS. I am a little afraid to switch to javaprssrvr now, on this old hardware still running RadHat 7.1. But I might give it a whirl anyways.

My iGate (VA3SLT) currently connects to ontario.aprs2.net:14580. The other iGate I tried last night runs UI-View.


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