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[aprssig] HF APRS new ideas

Sergej rttyman at ukr.net
Tue Jun 1 09:46:43 UTC 2010

> Here in Australia we have a number of HF Gates that Gate to VHF and that are
> NOT connected directly to an IGate. This will not change in the future.

> I would think that there are still a number of countries where broadband
> internet is not readily available and it may take an HF to VHF Gate to get
> the APRS data to the APRS-IS.

Richard, your are right. There is still many places in the world where
internet connection not possible in rural areas, but possible of good
HF receptions facility (low industrial noise level). With a VHF link
to near possible Igate its still a good job.

Bob, about "obsolete" HF path of GATE,WIDE2-1 - as I'm understand its
need to trigger HF-to-VHF gate facility of KAMplus and KAM-XL TNC's.

UI-VIEW based system can be set to pass all received data on HF port
to VHF port even w/o that trigger of "GATE". Also think DIGI-NED can be
configured this way too. In general its not bad, as HF channel never
have bigger throughput then VHF.

About HF digipeating, its not recomended in general, but we has try
it in Europe, for example to pass aprs message from Ukraine to England,
propagation not always allow to do it, and with help of Digi in Italy its
possible. Can we review to use one hop digipeating on HF for that cases?

73, Sergej

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