[aprssig] SSID Standardization

Pentti Gronlund pentti.gronlund at tut.fi
Sun Jun 6 12:06:31 CDT 2010

Bob Bruninga  writes:

> From aprs.org/aprs11.html (currently having ISP problems).
> -0  primary fixed and message capable station
> -1  digis and other fixed stations
> -2  digis and other fixed stations
> -3  digis and other fixed stations
> -4  digis and other fixed stations
> -5  TBD <= maybe Dstar/Echolink/phones/Ipads etc
> -6  Satellite, special events, tests  
> -7  HT's, walkie talkies or any human portable
> -8  boats, sailboats OR second vehicle
> -9  primary Mobiles of all types
> -10 operations via the internet (Igates)
> -11 balloons and aircraft
> -12 DTMF, RFID, or other non-APRS sources  
> -13 TBD <== Weather has been suggested)
> -14 Truckers and full time drivers
> -15 HF <== Lets expand to GENERIC ANYTHING ELSE

I find these rather useful, most of them comply with what we are 
using here now.

In Europe many countries use special callsigns for fixed stations
like digipeaters (like OHmRnn in Finland, DB0xyz in Germany, SRmnnn
in Poland), so we are using -0 for most digipeaters and igates.

D-STAR does not have an SSID system as such. There is a 8-character
field for the callsign, and the varieties of gateway software seem 
to translate callsigns like 'OH3BK  M' to OH3BK-M when it is delivered 
to APRS-IS. This leaves -5 for handheld APRS over UMTS devices, as 
I'm using both those and D-PRS regularly.

Benjamin OH3BK
		Live Reports from the Taxman's Paradise!

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