[aprssig] repeater objects and digipeater advertisements.

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 7 23:59:21 CDT 2010


--- Wes Johnston, AI4PX wrote:

> I just had a DUH moment when I read the repeater object docs.  In the 
> mornings when the 2m band is open I hear another repeater in the 
> distance.  But I programmed the local digi to send that repeater as an 
> object with the required PL tone 156.7.  But I'd rather use CTCSS 156.7 
> to shut out the other repeater.  Well DUH.... instead of sending T156, I 
> got the local digi to send C156 and voila, silence in the mornings when 
> I hit the TUNE button on my D710.


Clarify please.  I'm having trouble achieving bit-sync with this description.

Does the _local_ repeater use 156.7 ?
You want to shut out the FAR repeater ?
That far repeater uses something else or none ?
What's the point of advertizing the far repeater as an object from the near Digi, with the near repeater's tone ?

Then, this says that the D710 will tune and set tone _Squelch_ as well as just Tx Tone ?


However, RE one of Bob's posts, does the D710 have Voice capability ??

73, Steve


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