[aprssig] SSID Standardization

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jun 9 15:07:40 CDT 2010

>>> We've already done this,
>>> found that symbols/icons are better,
>> Better on what?
>> Not on the front panel of my radio while 
>> I am driving!  I don't want to take my 
>> hands off the wheel to go Button pushing 
>> and screen chasing just to see something 
>> I can see by the callsign.
> Perhaps this implies the radio front panels need improvement ?

Yes, but how many years are you willing to wait?  My approach to
ham radio is to think of ways to use what we have now in the
best way possible, and let the future follow on its own due

That gives us something we can use now, instead of useless
hoping and waiting...  

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