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[aprssig] APRS Drag Racing

Mark Cheavens mcheavens at usa.net
Mon Jun 7 18:14:07 UTC 2010

It was not that the Prius was going over 74, it is just rare to see a 
Prius OWNER driving over 74!

I have NEVER had a Prius pass me.....(But having people pass me is 
rare anyway.....:)

At 12:46 PM 6/7/2010, you wrote:
>See what happens when you press the brake on a Prius...
>The "White Zombie" will change your opinion about electric vehicles 
>on the drag strip. An electric vehicle rules on the drag strip as it 
>has more torque than its gas guzzling counterpart. It's all about 
>the battery... Just make sure your GPS will work over 99MPH and the 
>beacon rate will trip at set speed points or you will miss the event 
>on APRS. The radio will still be sending data at 1200 baud after it 
>crosses the finish line. You might as well send continuous data 
>during the run to avoid the costly transmitter key up delay time...
>Tim - N8DEU
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>>I thought the horror was that he had a Prius driving @ 74mph!
>>At 10:22 AM 6/7/2010, you wrote:
>>>----- Original Message ----- From: "Bob Bruninga "
>>>>SO when I was the first post-rain car down the track (never been 
>>>>on a track before in my life), you can imagine my horror when at 
>>>>74 MPH, I see two yellow 1/2" polly ropes stretched across the 
>>>>track in front of me! Couldnt even see them until I was probably 
>>>>20 yards from them. Fortunetely They snapped, but left some nice 
>>>>battle scars across my hood...
>>>Good thing you weren't riding an electric motorcycle ;-)
>>>Richard Amirault
>>>Boston, MA, USA
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