[aprssig] SSID Standardization

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jun 10 08:21:14 CDT 2010

> None, but if we keep putting bandages on it rather 
> than pushing for the manufacturers to do it right 
> we'll keep waiting for a long time.

Push, push.. Push?

Its sad that ham radio has devolved to an appliance hobby where
we just sit on our hands and wait for the Japanese to design our
next toy and then have it manufactured in China and shipped to
our waiting hands...

> It sounds like the Kenwood D710 is half-way there. Let's push
to get 
> that last little bit fixed.

I have been.  High on my list of upgrades for the last 2 years
to the D710 has been the INTERRUPT-ALWAYS setting for the
interrupt display.  Right now, you can have INTERUUPT-FULL or
INTERRUPT-HALF to set how the information on a new packet will
flash up on the front panel.  BUT as I explained, this only
happens once.  There is no INTERRUPT ALWAYS.

If you do not see that one flash, from then on, if that station
is heard later, all you see is "DP CALLSIGN" with no other
clues.  Its been that way since 1998 with the D7, and carried
through on the D700 and then the D710.

No matter how much one would desire to go back and change these
tens of thousands of radios, it is never going to happen.  And
so I see no harm in taking matters into our own hands and
*CONTINUING* what we have been doing for 18 years, and that is
using common SSID's where practical.

If one can change something, do it.  If one cannot, then one
should get out of the way so we can do the best with what we


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