[aprssig] SSID Standardization

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jun 10 12:35:34 CDT 2010

> I periodically get messages where somebody 
> is trying to correct my use of -11 as 
> my SSID in the 18-wheeler...

Yes, that is a good question.  18 wheelers have been using -14
for nearly 15 years.  If you are an 18 wheeler and are proud of
it, then why not use the -14 that all the other professionals
are using.?  It makes it easy to pick out the pros in the list
and try to make a QSO.

> If you wish to go back to using SSIDs to set icons, 
> then whatever happened to -9=car, -10=truck, etc???

I don't know where you have been, but just about everyone uses
-9 for their primary mobile and -7 for their HT.  This has
nothing to do about ICONS.  It is choosing an SSID CALLSIGN that
gives some recognition to that callsign-SSID combination when it
appears in lists.


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