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Hi Guys

The purpose of this message is to advise the introduction of an APRS channel on the 10 metre band. I have had some success in the past with APRS on 29.250MHz/FM but that mode is not permitted in the United States, which obviously limited the interest. The proposal is therefore to establish a channel in the 28.120 - 28.150 MHz Narrow Band Digital segment of the band.


The operating parameters for the channel will be the same as that for Net14 and are laid out in full on www.net14.org.uk on the Project Setup page. The main points being as follows:-

1. Frequency. 28.140 MHz SSB/LSB. This is the dial setting for KAM tones. For PK-232 tones (AGWPE) add 510Hz. The frequency has been chosen to make it easy to remember by association with the Net14.
2. Baud Rate. As with Net14 and general HF practice the baud rate is 300bd. Please remember that at 300bd a frame will take 4 times as long to transmit as the 1200bd used on 2m. So keep beacons and messages as short as possible and adjust your beacon interval against conditions. 15 minutes seems a good starting point.
3. Digipeaters. If there is a digi in your area doing a better job than your station can then leave it to that station. Please, please, please do not crossband 2m because it will clutter up the channel to no good purpose. Also crossband from 30m can be a no no because of the presence of crossbanded 2m stations. Particularly vehicles transmitting their position every few minutes. And please no Internet to RF Gates. We may however find it worthwhile to crossband 20m<>10m to bridge gaps in the Net. 
4. SSIDs. We use -14 on Net14 to indicate 20m operation but unfortunately 28 is not possible with AX25. Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, has recently suggested a revised list of SSID allocations in which -15 may be used for HF, so -15 is what is suggested for Net28. Why should we use these SSIDs? Because it allows the station's originating frequency to be identified.
5. Path. Stations should try and adopt the new n-N Paradigm (Details in the Project Setup).
6. Mobiles. 10m operation is obviously attractive for portable and mobile operation but if you are mobile please do not transmit your GPS minute by minute..

Good DX & 73

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