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G0JXN Jim g0jxn.jim at ntlworld.com
Sun Jun 13 09:29:13 CDT 2010

Hi Guys

Stephen, I am of course aware that USB is used for phone above 10MHz but was 
under the impression, perhaps wrongly, that data was specified as a LSB 
frequency. But no problem, the 300bd KAM tones are 1,600 and 1,800 Hz, so 
centre frequency 1,700 Hz. For USB move the dial setting down twice that 

28.140 MHz - 3,400 Hz = 28.136,600 MHz.

For PK-232 (AGWPE, the free one) subtract 510 Hz, i.e. 28.136,090 MHz.



> Stephen, WA8LMF Wrote:-

> I think you should consider expressing the frequency in question in
> terms of it's USB equivalent.
>    * LSB operation is almost unheard of on 10 meters (at least in North
>      America).
>    * All radios default to USB mode on this band. Many require multiple
>      button pushes or menu levels to switch to the non-default LSB.
>    * Nearly all  commercial, marine, and military-surplus SSB radios
>      (that hams sometimes acquire second hand) ONLY operate on USB.
> Or better yet, specify the actual RF mark/space freqs so that users with
> devices that have odd tone pairs such as the TigerTronics TigerTrack
> (1100/1300 Hz audio tones),   or fully variable tones (such as the MixW
> soft modem on packet),   can calculate what RF freq [USB or LSB] to use.
> Note further that the paid-for "Pro" version of AGWpe can use standard
> KAM tones (1600/1800).
> Stephen H. Smith    wa8lmf (at) aol.com

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