[aprssig] Voice Alert on I-81 And D7XX settings

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jun 14 08:41:29 CDT 2010

Another 14 hours on I-81 this weekend and only one Voice Alert

Heard a few, but none of the others came back.

Passing several D710's, but not one of them automatically
transmitting their voice freq.  Some said call me on "146.52",
but they weren't there either.  And "146.52" was not in standard
APRS format so that it could be auto-tuned.

One even said "call me on 52 or local repeater"...  If he had it
auto-insert the freq in his beacon like the radio was desiged to
do, then we could find him no matter where he was...

Why is this so hard...

Here is how to set up an APRS mobile radio

1) Set three memory channels to 144.39 with these names:
  - "APRS"  with ctcss 100 for voice alert (normal)
  - "RAW "  with no tones for raw monitoring
  - "MUTED" with ctcss 123 so you won't hear anything ever
  - (Note, trusted agents can still call you using "123")
This keeps you from ever turning the volume down on side A and
forgetting about it...  Keep the volume always up, and mute if
you have to with the channel knob only.  And by saving yoru
confi in a PM, then at least every time you start up the radio,
you ARE monitoring VA.

2) Set AUTO-PM-STORE to OFF so your rig will actually remember
any settings you put into PM's.  And save that in the PM too.

3) In the D700, set DISPLAY - MODE to 3, so that APRS
hot-buttons are always on the screen for rapid acess.  And save
this config in a PM.

The full D7XX settings link is at the top of www.aprs.org
Though some people are still getting Google warnings about a
malware site... 


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