[aprssig] Voice Alert on I-81 And D7XX settings

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Mon Jun 14 12:29:19 CDT 2010

Billy Mason
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On Jun 14, 2010, at 8:41, "Robert Bruninga" <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:

> Another 14 hours on I-81 this weekend and only one Voice Alert
> contact.
> Heard a few, but none of the others came back.
> Passing several D710's, but not one of them automatically
> transmitting their voice freq.  Some said call me on "146.52",
> but they weren't there either.  And "146.52" was not in standard
> APRS format so that it could be auto-tuned.
> One even said "call me on 52 or local repeater"...  If he had it
> auto-insert the freq in his beacon like the radio was desiged to
> do, then we could find him no matter where he was...
> Why is this so hard...
> Here is how to set up an APRS mobile radio
> 1) Set three memory channels to 144.39 with these names:
>  - "APRS"  with ctcss 100 for voice alert (normal)
>  - "RAW "  with no tones for raw monitoring
>  - "MUTED" with ctcss 123 so you won't hear anything ever
>  - (Note, trusted agents can still call you using "123")
> This keeps you from ever turning the volume down on side A and
> forgetting about it...  Keep the volume always up, and mute if
> you have to with the channel knob only.  And by saving yoru
> confi in a PM, then at least every time you start up the radio,
> you ARE monitoring VA.
> 2) Set AUTO-PM-STORE to OFF so your rig will actually remember
> any settings you put into PM's.  And save that in the PM too.
> 3) In the D700, set DISPLAY - MODE to 3, so that APRS
> hot-buttons are always on the screen for rapid acess.  And save
> this config in a PM.
> The full D7XX settings link is at the top of www.aprs.org
> Though some people are still getting Google warnings about a
> malware site...
> Bob, WB4APR
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