[aprssig] Scott/Argent Nuvi 350 Q

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Tue Jun 15 11:13:34 CDT 2010

Scott, and others,

I can use the POI loader and load POI's in to the Nuvi's SD card via usb.

When I un-mount the device (drives D and F), it says new data on card, 
install yes/no. I press yes, and the POI's are under favorites.

I'd like to do it a bit differently. Would like to write the POI to the 
SD, using the reader/ writer in my netbook. Can do this, but when 
inserted in the 350, it never seems to figure out there is new data, 
does not ask me to copy it.

Anyone know what triggers the copy question? I've tried a few things, 
but haven't found "it" as yet.

In other words, would like to get the POI's in w/out use of the usb cable.

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